Sukiya x Evangelion 2nd "First Unit Awakening Beef Curry Onion Soup Set"

At each Sukiya store, "First Unit Awakening Beef Curry Onion Soup Set" will be released on March 30th as the second menu in collaboration with Evangelion. The price is 890 yen (tax included).

At Sukiya, a collaboration campaign with Evangelion, whose "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version" is a big hit, "Eating Out 5 Chain Joint Operation" will be held from March 8th. The "first machine homme beef curry onion soup set" that expresses the first machine color has been very popular with many people.

Collaboration campaign with Evangelion "Eating out 5 chain joint strategy"

The "First Unit Awakened Beef Curry" that will be released this time is a combination of purple curry colored with kuchinashi and beets, Sukiya's special tomato sauce and cheese sauce, and the reddish aircraft of the first machine that awakened and the ring that appeared overhead. Expression. A spicy tomato sauce that conveys the feelings and tension of the main character, Shinji Ikari, who wants to help Rei Ayanami taken in by the apostle, and a mellow cheese that expresses the relieved feeling of Shinji Ikari at the moment when Rei Ayanami was pulled back from the apostle. The taste of the sauce is reminiscent of the awakening scene of the first machine.

Sukiya x Evangelion 2nd "First Unit Awakening Beef Curry"

Red kidney beans, white beans, edamame, and minced meat are added to the tomato sauce to add to the enjoyment of the texture. You can enjoy the supreme taste of purple curry and beef, which is spicy and spicy with more than 20 kinds of spices, Sukiya's special tomato sauce, and cheese sauce.

The first "First Unit Homme Beef Curry Onion Soup Set" and "First Unit Mayonnaise Salad Set" will continue to be on sale.