Lotte "Sasa [Zunda Shake]".


will sell "Sasa [Zunda Shake]", which has the taste of Zunda Shake. The product weighs 69 grams and is priced at around 248 yen (tax included).

Zunda Shake is a sweet drink that combines the flavor of edamame with the gentle taste of milk. Initially, the drink was well-received in the Tohoku region, where people are familiar with Zunda bean paste, from which edamame is made, but it has now spread nationwide and gained seasonal popularity.

Sasa [Zunda


Sasa [Zunda Shake] is a Zunda Shake with a unique, high-quality taste that is unique to Sasa. The reverse side features a collaboration with Tohoku Zunko-chan and Zundamon, characters who support the Tohoku region.

The distinctive feature is the delicate, silk-like appearance created by carefully weaving together three types of fine lines of chocolate. The unique manufacturing process gives the chocolate a delicate, crispy texture and a melt-in-your-mouth feel that loosens and melts in your mouth. The taste of edamame and a gentle milkiness can be enjoyed (edamame flavoring is used).