Tyrolean chocolate "Zunda Shake / Tokyo Rusk / Manneken Belgian Waffle / Menbei"

Tyrolean Choco will release "Zunda Shake," "Tokyo Rusk," "Manneken Belgium Waffle," and "Menbei" in collaboration with four famous brands nationwide on April 12. The estimated price is 140 yen (tax included) for 7 pieces.

A dream collaboration with four companies was realized, triggered by the connection of the SNS project "#Funny Tsunagi", which was carried out from April 2020 with the idea of "Energizing Japan with funny things". Popular products of each company are reproduced in Tyrolean chocolate.

Zunda Shake

A collaboration product with the popular Zunda Saryo product "Zunda Shake". Zunda paste, cream, and edamame chips are wrapped in zunda chocolate and milk chocolate. You can enjoy the refreshing sweetness of vanilla shake, the rich aroma of zunda, and the crushed texture.

Tyrolean chocolate "Zunda shake"

Tokyo Rusk

A collaboration product with Tokyo Rusk's popular product "Premium Amandrask". Caramel chocolate, rusks and sliced almonds are wrapped in almond chocolate and milk chocolate. Reproduce the rich sweetness of caramel and the aroma of almonds.

Tyrolean chocolate "Tokyo Rusk"

Manneken Belgian Waffle

A collaboration product with Manneken's popular product "Belgium Waffle". Waffle-flavored bean paste and sardines are wrapped in waffle-flavored chocolate to reproduce the crunchy texture on the outside and the soft moistness on the inside of the Belgian waffle.

Tyrolean chocolate "Manneken Belgium waffle"


A collaboration product with Yamaguchi Aburaya Fukutaro's popular product "Menbei". Milk chocolate and menbei are wrapped in menbei-flavored chocolate. The same menbei as the actual product is used, and the moderate spiciness and umami of seafood match the sweetness of milk chocolate.

Tyrolean chocolate "Menbei"