FamilyMart "Butter Chicken Curry

FamilyMart "Butter Chicken Curry"

supervised by the Indian restaurant "Kachchal Bachchal" will be available at FamilyMart stores from May 16 (except in Okinawa Prefecture). The price is 598 yen (tax included).

Some stores may not carry the product.

Butter Chicken Curry" supervised by Katchal Batchal

FamilyMart "Butter Chicken Curry

This is the first product in a convenience store under the supervision of the popular curry restaurant "Katchal Bacchanal. This butter chicken curry is characterized by the acidity of tomatoes and the refreshing flavor of spices such as cardamom, cumin, and coriander. The addition of butter gives it a rich flavor. The chicken is marinated in garam masala, yogurt, and other spices to create a soft texture that enhances the flavor of the spices.



The name "Katchal Bachchal" means "mixture" in Hindu, and the curry is characterized by the mixture of various elements such as Chinese pepper, Thai fish sauce, soy sauce and miso, which are secret flavors of Japanese people, in addition to Indian tradition. The restaurant offers traditional Indian curries such as Chicken Atchari Curry with original chicken broth and pickled green chilies, and North Indian Butter Chicken Curry.