Burger King "Chicken Nugget Gokkara Z (Chicken Nugget Gokkara Z)

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icken Nugget Gokkara Z" Burger King will start selling "Chicken Nugget Gokkara Z", a spiciness just on the edge of the limit to be enjoyed with authentic burgers, on April 21 (Fri.) for a limited time only.

Chicken Nugget Gokkara


"Chicken Nugget Gokkara Z" is a menu item that allows customers to enjoy Burger King's popular side menu "Chicken Nugget" with a spiciness just at the edge of the limit that matches the authentic burger made with 100% beef patties grilled over an open flame. Priced at 270 yen for 5 pieces and 410 yen for 8 pieces (tax included).

The juicy chicken meat is mixed with six different spices that Burger King has developed in its own recipe: chili powder, garlic, pepper, onion, paprika, and turmeric. The spicy, addictive aftertaste is a perfect match for the burger.

Burger King "Chicken Nugget Gokkara Z (Chicken Nugget Gokkara Z)

You can choose one of two sauces: "BBQ sauce" with a rich, astringent, smoky flavor, or "honey mustard sauce" with a gentle sweet and sour taste. One additional sauce can be added for 30 yen.

Not available at some stores.
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