Burger King "Party Pack" and "Big Party Pack

Burger King will launch the "Party Pack" and "Big Party Pack," a large, value-priced set of French fries and chicken nuggets, on May 27 (except at Burger King Tokyo Racecourse Store).

Burger King had been experiencing unstable inventory of French fries due to distribution difficulties caused by the flooding and Corona disaster in North America. With the cooperation of related companies and others involved in product procurement and distribution, the company is now in a position to launch "Party Packs" and "Big Party Packs" with the prospect of continued sales.

Party Pack

The "Party Pack" is a large set of "French Fries (L)" and "Chicken Nuggets (10p). The price is 500 yen, a savings of 210 yen from the price of the single item stack.

Burger King "Party Pack

Big Party Pack

A set of two "French Fries (L)" and "Chicken Nuggets (15 pcs.)". The price is 800 yen, a savings of 440 yen from the single item stacking price.

Burger King "Big Party Pack"

Both items come with two sauces to choose from. You can choose from two types of sauces: "BBQ sauce" with a rich, astringent, smoky flavor, or "honey mustard sauce" with a mild sweet and sour taste.

The discount is the difference between the price of the single item and the stacked price.
One additional sauce can be added for 30 yen.
Sales hours may vary by store.
Delivery is not available.
Selling time differs from store to store.
All prices are in total (including tax).
Prices are all in total (including tax) and are subject to change without prior notice.