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oopy Kids Goods Vol. 1 Kentucky Fried Chicken will begin accepting in-store pre-orders for the Snoopy Mug on November 2, 2022. In addition, "Snoopy Kids Goods Vol. 1" will be available for purchase.


Mug The "Snoopy Mug" with Snoopy design is an original merchandise only available at KFC, with a chubby, bulky feel that is irresistible. This year's mugs come in four different designs, each depicting Snoopy in various disguises. The mugs are full of Snoopy's charm, and are recommended for even the hardcore Snoopy fans.

Kentucky Snoopy Mug

In-store reservations for the "Snoopy Mug" will begin on November 2. In particular, the "Complete Pack," which includes all four types of mugs, has sold out almost every year through reservations. Early reservations are recommended for those who want one. The release date is November 24. Quantities are limited and will end as soon as they are gone.

Kentucky Snoopy Mug

Burger set with Snoopy's Mug

: Price is 1,290 yen (tax included, same below). The set includes a chicken filet burger, fries S, drink M, and a Snoopy mug. Japanese-style chicken cutlet burger" is also available.

Chicken Set with

Snoopy Mug priced at 1,290 yen. Set includes 2 pieces of original chicken, S fries, M drink, and Snoopy mug.

A-pack with

Snoopy Mug priced at 1,590 yen. Includes 2 pieces of Original Chicken, 2 pieces of Kernel Crispy, Fries S, and a Snoopy Mug.


with Snoopy Mug Price: 1,890 yen. Includes 4 pieces of Original Chicken, 2 pieces of Potato S, and a Snoopy Mug.

Complete Pack

priced at 5,200 yen. The set includes 2 exchange tickets (2 pieces of original chicken, 2 fries S) and 4 Snoopy mugs.

Also, when purchasing the "Set/Pack Menu with Snoopy Mugs," any number of 2 pieces of Kernel Crispy, 2 pieces of Potato S, or 2 pieces of Biscuit can be purchased for 340 yen each.

You cannot choose the type of Snoopy Mug.
The "Complete Pack" may not be available at some stores.
Chicken and potato vouchers can only be used at stores where the "Complete Pack" is purchased.
Vouchers are valid until March 31, 2023.
Vouchers cannot be used during the Christmas period (December 23, 24 and 25).

Snoopy Kids' Goods Vol. 1

In addition, from November 2 to December 25, a kids' menu with Snoopy's "card mirror" will be available. The card mirror is made of compact acrylic and is a handy item that can be slipped into a bag or pouch for quick personal grooming. The design is linked to the Snoopy mug. Limited quantities available, and will be discontinued as soon as they are gone.

Kentucky Snoopy Kids Goods Vol.1

Kids Nugget Set

Price: 540 yen. Set includes 3 nuggets, S fries, S drink, and Kids Snoopy Goods.


Crispy Set

Price: 540 yen. Kernel Crispy Set, fries S, drink S, and Kids Snoopy Goods.

Not available at some stores.
Not available for delivery.