Burger King "Cheddar Rich Chicken Nuggets 5 Piece

Burger King's side menu item, "Cheddar Rich Chicken Nuggets 5 Piece" will be discounted for one week only from January 28 to February 3, 2012. The regular price of 210 yen (including tax, same below) will be reduced to 150 yen.

Burger King 150th store anniversary campaign

Burger King "Cheddar Rich Chicken Nuggets 5 Piece

Burger King will have 150 stores in Japan with the Akabane East Exit store scheduled to open on January 27. This campaign is an event to commemorate this.

Cheddar Rich Chicken Nuggets, 5 pieces

The "Cheddar Rich Chicken Nuggets 5 Piece" that is the target of the campaign has juicy chicken meat and rich, thick cheddar cheese added. It is said to have a rich and flavorful taste.

There are two sauces to choose from: the rich and astringent smoky "BBQ sauce" and the gentle sweet and sour "honey mustard sauce". One more sauce can be added for 30 yen.

Sales hours may vary by store. Delivery is not available. Quantities are limited and sales will end as soon as they are gone. In addition to this, sales may be temporarily suspended depending on store conditions. Prices are subject to change without notice. The following stores are not eligible for this campaign.

Burger King Tokyo Racecourse
Burger King Hongo Sanchome Store
Burger King Tsugaike Snow Square store
・ Burger King AEON Maitopia
Burger King Izumiya Yao
Burger King AEON TOWN Utatsu
Burger King Akabane Higashiguchi
Burger King Branch Kobe Gakuentoshi
Burger King Shinsaibashi Opa
Burger King Kanda Station South Exit