Collaboration with Lawson "Original Osaka Umeda Mixed Juice" in Kinki 2 prefectures and 4 prefectures.

Collaboration with Lawson "Ganso Osaka Umeda Mixed Juice" in the Kinki

region Three original products jointly developed with H-2O Food Group will go on sale at Lawson stores in the Kinki region on March 14 (Tuesday).

Original Osaka Umeda Mixed Juice

The products to be introduced this time include bread, chilled beverages, and sweets in collaboration with "Original Osaka Umeda Mixed Juice," a specialty juice stand in front of the ticket gates of Hanshin Osaka Umeda Station that has been loved by Kansai people for more than half a century. This initiative is part of the "Comprehensive Business Alliance Agreement" signed by LAWSON and H-2O RETAILING in May 2021. The three original products will be simultaneously launched at approximately 170 stores of the group's food supermarkets Izumiya, Hankyu Oasis, and QANATO.

Sakai-supervised mixed fruit 200g (7.05oz)

LAWSON released bread and sweets in collaboration with "Original Osaka Umeda Mixed Juice" in November 2022 to great acclaim. This second release is a chilled beverage inspired by the "Mixed Juice," the signature product of the "Original Osaka Umeda Mixed Juice.

LAWSON "Sakai Supervision Mixed Fruit 200g

The main ingredient is orange, with banana, peach, and mandarin orange fruit grains added. After about 30 tastings, the drink reproduces the good taste of the tartness of mandarin oranges and the sweetness of peaches of the original mixed juice. Priced at 178 yen (tax included).

Lunch Pack

(Mixed Juice Flavor Cream & Whipped

Cream) Lunch Pack sandwiched between mixed juice-flavored cream containing mandarin orange, peach and banana juice and whipped cream. The price is 162 yen (tax included).

LAWSON "Lunch Pack (Mixed Juice Flavor Cream & Whip)

Kororo Mixed Juice Flavor

A combination of mandarin orange, banana, and peach with the sourness of mandarin orange for a refreshing taste and unique gummy texture. Priced at 162 yen (tax included).

LAWSON "Kororo Mixed Juice Flavor"