MD Holdings "Filled Oatmeal".


packaged oatmeal "Full of Oatmeal" is sold by MD Holdings, Inc. in convenient individual packages. The product contains 240 g (8 bags of 30 g each) and is priced at 486 yen (tax included).

Each individually packaged bag contains 30 g of


, which is the standard amount for one serving, so it can be used quickly and conveniently without measuring. Simply mix it into commercial corn soup or minestrone and heat it in the microwave for delicious and easy preparation. The individually packaged oatmeal is easy to carry and suitable for office use.

There are two types of oatmeal. The instant type with fine grains cooks quickly and has a texture similar to rice, making it quick and easy to eat. The whole-grain rolled type is characterized by a pliable, plump grain texture.

Containing dietary fiber and iron, the "full-rolled oatmeal" is easy to eat and quick to prepare, as well as filling. Why not stock it in your desk drawer?