Japan Green Tea Center "Instant Baked Sweet Potato Latte

Japan Green Tea Center offers Instant Yaki-imo Latte, a mysterious latte that is as if you are drinking a baked potato. Limited quantities. The content is 84g (2.96oz) and the price is 518 yen (tax included).

Instant Yaki-imo Latte

This instant yaki-imo drink is reminiscent of yaki-imo with its stone-roasted aroma and the gentle sweetness of sweet potatoes. It has a mature taste that is not too sweet. It is in powder form that can be easily dissolved in hot water and enjoyed with the desired sweetness by adjusting the amount of powder. The latte has a beautiful golden color like honey from baked potatoes. Even the appearance of the color expresses the delicious baked sweet potato feeling. The package is designed to remind you of the arrival of autumn with a background of the golden color of cracked yaki-imo and a sprinkling of fallen leaves.

The "Instant Yaki-imo Latte" is made from "Beni Azuma," a popular variety of yaki-imo (100% of the sweet potato powder). The use of Beni Azuma, which is characterized by its sweet and chewy texture and refined sweetness, gives the latte a flavor reminiscent of old-fashioned yaki-imo yaki-imo from a street stall.