Ritz Family Pack Chocolate Sandwich 7 bags


Family Pack Choco Sandwich 7-bag pack Ritz Family Pack Choco Sandwich 7-bag pack from the Ritz cracker brand is available from Monday, March 6, 2012. It is available at supermarkets, convenience stores, and drugstores nationwide.


Choco Sando

"Ritz" is a cracker brand that has been popular among many people since its launch in Japan in 1971. Characterized by their crispy texture and moderate saltiness, these crackers go well with all kinds of ingredients.

Ritz Choco Sando," which is a Ritz cracker sandwiched with gently sweetened chocolate cream, is particularly popular for its addictive contrast between the salty and sweet flavors and the texture of the crispy cracker and the moist, smooth cream. Ritz Choco Sando" is now available in a new "Ritz Choco Sando" pack containing seven individually wrapped bags of three pieces.

The individually wrapped packages contain enough to eat in one sitting, making them perfect for filling a small stomach, carrying around, as a small dessert after a meal, or sharing with family and friends. The compact vertical design makes it easy to fit in a stock of snacks at home or at work. Ritz Choco Sando" is an easy way to enjoy the unique sweet and savory taste of "Ritz Choco Sando" in a variety of situations.


with Ritz for Everyone Campaign To celebrate the new release, a "Toast with Ritz for Everyone Campaign" will be held from Monday, March 6, where customers can win gifts with the purchase of Ritz products. The campaign offers a choice of "6 bottles of Dokubo Beer & 2 kinds of Kintaro Sausage" or "2 kinds of Hokkaido Ginger Ale (Basic and Apple)," both of which are perfect for cherry blossom viewing, in Course A (purchase of 400 yen or more including tax) and Course B (purchase of 200 yen or more including tax) to win "500 yen worth of Erabelle Pay". (purchases totaling at least 400 yen (including tax)) and Course B (purchases totaling at least 200 yen (including tax)).

Campaign Outline】
Target products: All Ritz products
Application receipt validity period: Monday, March 6, 2023 - Friday, March 31, 2023
Application period: Monday, March 6, 2023 10:00 - Friday, April 7, 2023 23:59
・ Course A (purchase of 400 yen or more in total): "Dokubo A course (purchase of 400 yen or more including tax): "Dokpo Beer 6 bottles & Kintaro Sausage 2 kinds set"
or "Hokkaido Ginger Ale 2 kinds set (Basic & Apple)" ・・・ 100 winners
・ B course (purchase of 200 yen or more including tax): "Erabelle Pay 500 yen ・・400 winners
A course ("Dobo Beer 6 bottles & Kintaro Sausage 2 kinds set") is not open to those under 20 years old because the prize includes alcoholic beverages.

How to apply:
1. Purchase Ritz products during the campaign period for the amount required for the applicable course, and take a photo of the purchase receipt. 2.
2. add the official Ritz account (@ritz.jp) as a friend on LINE. 3.
3) Select the prize of your choice and send the purchase receipt image to the Ritz official account on LINE.

You must add the Ritz official account as a friend.
One entry per image.
If you wish to combine multiple receipts into one entry, please be sure to take a picture of all receipts in a single image.

Winners will be selected by a strict drawing after the application deadline.
Winners will be notified via LINE message around mid-April.
Course A ("Dokuho Beer 6 bottles & Kintaro Sausage 2 kinds set") and Course B will be sent a special gift URL and gift code.
Course A ("Hokkaido Ginger Ale 2 Kinds Set (Basic & Apple)") will be sent the URL of the mailing address input form.

This campaign is subject to change or cancellation without notice.