Oreo Crispy Matcha Latte
Introducing new flavors!

"Oreo Crispy Matcha Latte" from the biscuit brand "Oreo" and "Ritz Chocolate Sandwich" from the cracker brand "Ritz" will be released on September 11th. Both prices are open.

Oreo Crispy Matcha Latte is a Japanese-only flavor of the 3mm thin cookie "Oreo Crispy". It was developed with a unique recipe for Japanese people. The crispy cookie and the cream that feels the sweetness of the latte in the bittersweet matcha match perfectly.

Ritz chocolate sandwich is a flavor of chocolate cream sandwiched between crackers "Ritz" with a crispy texture. The slightly salty and fragrant Ritz crackers and the sweet and sour taste of rich chocolate cream are addictive. You can enjoy it in a wide range of scenes, from accompanying tea time to snacks of sake.

Ritz chocolate sandwich
The combination that was a hot topic on SNS