Classified Foods "Sukute Goldfish!
Scoop it, goldfish!

Kracie Foods Scoop it Goldfish!

From Classified Foods' educational confectionery series, "Scoop it Goldfish! will be available at supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores nationwide from March 6, 2023.


educational confectionery that lets you experience goldfish scooping with just water and powder

. Mix water and powder to make "fish jelly" and "poi no maku," then let the fish jelly swim and play like a goldfish scooping game. The "poi no maku" can be made over and over again, even if it is torn. The fish jelly can be made into soda-flavored "mizu-so jelly" and eaten.


Foods offers various kinds of educational snacks, such as "Neru Neru Neru Neru Neru," which are designed to "develop individuality" under the keywords of "Be yourself. The series is designed to "nurture children's self-confidence" by emphasizing the three key points of "developing individuality," "enjoying failure," and "respecting differences" under the keywords of "grow in your own way. The newest addition to the series is "Sukute Goldfish! is the newest addition to the series.