Besshi Ame Honpo Polypori

Besshi Ame Honpo


I found an interesting product in the snack corner of Seijo Ishii. It is a "Polypori" sold by Besshi Ame Honpo. There were several flavors available, but I actually purchased the "Polipori Thyme" and "Polipori Cheese" to try them out. The purchase price is 280 yen per bag (tax not included).


"Polipouri" is a "non-sweet" karinto that does not contain sugar. It is a snack with a crunchy texture and is kneaded with "Iyo-bijin," a taro produced in Ehime Prefecture that is rich in nutrients. No sugar is used. It is fried in rice oil to a crisp.

Besshi Ame Honpo Polypori


"Iyo Bijin" Taro "Iyo Bijin" is the nickname of "Ehime Agricultural Experiment Station V2," a taro variety with good taste and high yield, which was originally developed at the Ehime Prefectural Experiment Station. The trademark was registered by ZEN-NOH in 2007, and is currently shipped nationwide as JA-UMA's main brand.

Taro "Iyo Bijin

Iyo-bijin is characterized by its soft flesh and sticky texture. Iyobijin is grown by farmers with love and care, taking advantage of the rich subsoil water from the Ishizuchi Mountains, the mild climate of the Seto Inland Sea, and the fertile soil.



"Polypori Dishio" is made from sea water and eelgrass collected around Yugejima Island in Ehime Prefecture.

Besshi Ame Honpo "Polipori Douzo
polyporelli salt

When you open the package, you can smell the aroma! The twisted polypori have just the right texture! The twisted poli polli has a nice texture!

Besshi Ame Honpo "Polypori

The sweetness of the sweet potato is not too salty, but not too salty, and the sweetness is not too strong. The saltiness is not too strong, and the original flavor of the sweet potato can be felt. The flavor is light and simple, but addictive, so you can't stop eating it! You will not be able to stop eating it!

Besshi Ame Honpo "Polypori



"Polipouri Cheese" is a flavor covered with Setouchi lemon and rich cheese. It has a mild aroma of cheese.

Polypori Cheese

Like the "Shio" flavor, it is not too strong and has a light flavor. The crispy and crunchy texture is maintained, while the mildness of the cheese and the refreshing sourness and flavor of the lemon can be enjoyed. Especially the lemon flavor that lingers in the aftertaste--exquisite!

Other flavors of Polipoly are also available, such as "Tai Tai," "Spice Curry," and "Monjayaki. It is a snack that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Please be sure to pick one up when you see one.