Potato Chips Sutekkoku Mayonnaise! Taste" from Famima

FamilyMart Potato Chips Sutekkoku Mayonnaise! Flavor

FamilyMart will sell "Potato Chips Sutekkutte Mayonnaise! Flavor" developed jointly with Calbee will be available from FamilyMart. The price is 170 yen (tax included).

Potato Chips Sutekkkoku Mayonnaise! Flavor

FamilyMart is collaborating with Calbee to develop a potato chip product that will be sold from February 2023 under the title "Thick Shirley's! a jointly developed potato chip product with Calbee, has been on sale exclusively at FamilyMart for consumers who prefer a punchier, darker flavor. The second release, "Potato Chips Sutekkoku Mayonnaise! flavor" will be available in limited quantities.

Potato Chips Sutekkkoku Mayonnaise! Flavor" will make you exclaim, "YUMMY!!!! The flavor was developed with the aim of creating a taste that will make you scream "Yummmmmm! The unique name "SUTSUKKU GOKU MAYONEYOOOOOOOOOO! The unique name "SUTSUKKU MAYONEY!