Lawson "Strawberry and Wine-Scented Berry Parfait


Sweets to be Released on February 21】LAWSON New Sweets Summary

This page introduces the new sweets to be released on February 21 at Lawson, including their prices and calories. This time, "Brandy and Cinnamon-Scented Chocolat Parfait" and "Strawberry and Wine-Scented Berry Parfait" will appear.

Brandy and Cinnamon-Scented

Chocolat Par

fait A rewarding parfait with a variety of textures and aromas. Priced at 397 yen (tax included, same as below). Calories 336 kcal.

Lawson "Brandy and Cinnamon-Scented Chocolate Parfait

Strawberry and wine-scented berry par

fait A parfait with the aroma of strawberries and wine to reward yourself for your hard work. Price: 397 yen. Calories 204kcal.

Lawson "Strawberry and Wine-Scented Berry Parfait

Mochi texture roll rolled with rice cake: Strawberry

. Price: 397 yen. Calories 585 kcal per package.

LAWSON "Mochi Texture Roll Rolled with Mochi - Strawberry

Fresh Chocolate Truffle with Cream

: Richly flavored whipped cream wrapped in fresh chocolate. Price: 419 yen. Calories 75kcal per piece.

LAWSON "Fresh Chocolate Truffles with Cream


Pan (4 pieces)

The cost-effective Melon Pan has been renewed to be fluffier and tastier. The price is 214 yen. Calories 177kcal per piece.

LAWSON "Melon Pan 4pcs.

Cheese Bits 4 kinds of flavored cheese 45g (1.59oz)

You can enjoy the rich taste of 4 kinds of cheese: Camembert, Cream, Emmental, and Cheddar. The price is 108 yen. Calories 233kcal per 45g (1.59oz) bag.

LAWSON "Cheese Bits 4 Flavors Cheese Flavor 45g

Sapporo Potato Mashibu Vegetable 63g (2.22oz)

: Crunchy and light texture with a gentle vegetable taste. Price: ¥108. 303 kcal per 63g (2.22oz) bag.

LAWSON "Sapporo Potato Mashibu Vegetable 63g

Sapporo Potato BarbeQ Aji 63g (2.22oz)

: Light and crispy texture with a delicious meaty flavor. Price: ¥108. Calories 319kcal per 63g (2.22oz) bag.

LAWSON "Sapporo Potato Barbeque Aji 63g