Sacre lemon goumi (species of oleaster, Elaeagnus multiflora var. hortensis)

Sakure Collaboration Products

Three products will be available from CREET in collaboration with "Sakure" ice cream sold by Futaba Foods: "Sakure Lemon Gummies," "Sakure Lemon Tablets," and "Sakure Lemon Jelly. The release date is March 6. All prices are open to the public.

The exquisite sour and sweet taste is a refreshing reproduction of the taste of Sakure lemon. The packaging for the gummies and tablets has been redesigned, with yellow, the image color of Sakure, and an illustration of ice, making the products more reproducible than ever. In addition, the Sakure image was changed for each of the gummies and tablets so that they can be recognized as different products at a glance.

The gummy is a lemon-shaped gummy that represents a sliced lemon in the sakre, and the surface is covered with a sour powder to create the refreshing sweet and sour taste of lemon. The tablets have a crunchy texture.

Sacré Lemon Gummies

These lemon-shaped gummies are sweet and sour and refreshing, reproducing the taste of Sacré lemons. Contents 40g (1.41oz).

Sacre lemon goumi (species of oleaster, Elaeagnus multiflora var. hortensis)

Sacré Lemon Tablet

A lemon-flavored tablet with an exquisite sour and sweet taste inspired by Sacré Lemon. Contents 27g (0.95oz).

Sacré Lemon Tablets

Sacré Lemon J

elly Jelly with Sicilian lemon juice that reproduces the taste of Sacré Lemon, with a peel that is reminiscent of sliced lemon, a characteristic of Sacré Lemon. Contents: 5 pieces.

Sacré Lemon Jelly