Cheese Puffs Chocolat & Mascarpone" from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Cheese Puffs Chocolat & Mascarpone

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory will release seasonal "Cheese Puffs Chocolat & Mascarpone" again this year. The "Cheese Puff" is only available at the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Tokyo Shokuhin-kan Clock Tower No. 3 store and Lumine Shinjuku store.

Cheese Puffs

Chocolat & Mascarpone

Cheese Puffs with a rich cheese flavor that cheese lovers will love, and Chocolat & Mascarpone, which were very popular last year, are now available. Baked puff pastry topped with Camembert cheese cookies is filled with two types of cream: homemade cream made with fresh Hokkaido cream and mascarpone, and mild chocolate cream with chocolate chips and hazelnut paste added as a secret ingredient.

Priced at 300 yen per piece or 1,800 yen for six (both tax included). The release date is February 1.

Cheese Puffs Chocolat & Mascarpone" are seasonal cheese puffs that can only be enjoyed now. It is also recommended as a Valentine's gift.