7-ELEVEN "Black Cat Chocolate Cake"
Convenience store Halloween sweets that you can easily buy!

Halloween is coming again this year. As the city gets excited with clothes parties, the 31st is a weekday, so many people may say, "It's normal work."

I want everyone who runs the Japanese economy to enjoy delicious Halloween! With that said, we have put together a collection of Halloween sweets at convenience stores that you can buy quickly on your way home from work!


・ Eating trout Disney Halloween (388 yen, tax included, same below)
A cute Disney character that has become a "neri-kiri" of Japanese sweets. A set of 2 pieces of "Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse" and a set of 2 pieces of "Pooh & Piglet" are now available.

7-ELEVEN "Eat Trout Disney Halloween"

The taste of the bean paste inside is Mickey's pumpkin, Minnie's sweet potato, Pooh's honey maple, and Piglet's marron.

・ Black cat chocolate cake (328 yen)
A chocolate cake with a black cat motif. Vanilla cream is put in chocolate cream and coated with chocolate. Chocolate cookies are included to accent the texture.

7-ELEVEN "Black Cat Chocolate Cake"
* Image source: 7-ELEVEN official website (same below)

・ Chocolate cream and shrimp pumpkin cake (328 yen)
A cake made by covering chocolate cookies with chocolate chips and chocolate cream with cream using Hokkaido pumpkin. You can enjoy the harmony of chocolate that goes well with the sweet shrimp pumpkin.

7-ELEVEN "Chocolate Cream and Ebisu Pumpkin Cake"

・ Sticky raw chocolate cream roll (195 yen)
A Halloween-colored sweet made by applying a rich sauce made with raw chocolate to a cocoa roll cake dough with a chewy texture and rolling up raw chocolate whipped cream. You can enjoy the rich chocolate flavor that will satisfy even chocolate lovers.

7-ELEVEN "Mochimochi Raw Chocolate Cream Roll"

・ Tiramisu Dorayaki (160 yen)
A rich cheese whipped cream made from Hokkaido mascarpone cheese sandwiched between soft and chewy dorayaki dough kneaded with bittersweet coffee sauce and cocoa.

7-ELEVEN "Mocchiri Tiramisu Dorayaki"

・ Crispy texture cookie & cream shoe (150 yen)
A cream puff with a crispy texture coated with chocolate. Inside, there is plenty of creamy cookie cream that combines rich and rich vanilla whipped cream with chocolate chips and cocoa crunch.

7-ELEVEN "Zakuzaku Texture Cookies & Cream Shoe"

・ Pumpkin Mont Blanc (270 yen)
Pumpkin Mont Blanc, a combination of rich pumpkin paste and creamy pumpkin cream. It seems to be Montblanc using pumpkin for the first time in 7-ELEVEN in the whole country.

7-ELEVEN "Pumpkin Mont Blanc"

・ Pumpkin and potato Japanese pafe (298 yen)
A Japanese parfait with rich pumpkin whipped cream, potato whipped cream, potato glasse, and white balls on top of a creamy pumpkin mousse. Accented with caramel sauce that goes well with pumpkin.

7-ELEVEN "Pumpkin and potato Japanese pafe"

・ Hitokuchi Pumpkin Cheese & Chocolat (450 yen)
A set of pumpkin cheesecake with rich pumpkin and cheese flavor and gateau chocolate with chocolate cream and cacao scent. It comes in a Halloween-only cup and is perfect as a gift or as a souvenir.

7-ELEVEN "Hitokuchi Pumpkin Cheese & Chocolat"

◆ Lawson

・ Macaron (Halloween) 3 pieces (395 yen)
A macaron containing 3 pieces that you can enjoy the flavors of pumpkin (Jack O'Lantern), shiba potato, and vanilla (black cat). The package is also designed for Halloween.

Lawson "Macaron (Halloween) 3 pieces"
* Image source: Lawson official website (same below)

・ Black sesame and kinako mochi Japanese pafe (295 yen)
A Japanese-style parfait with black honey jelly, black sesame mousse, sponge, black sesame sauce, and kinako mousse. It is topped with black sesame pudding and white balls sprinkled with soybean flour.

Lawson "Black Sesame and Kinako Mochi no Wapafe"

・ Premium pumpkin & purple potato roll cake (210 yen)
A roll cake that combines two types of cream, shrimp pumpkin and purple potato, on a black sponge dough colored with bamboo charcoal. The black x orange x purple Halloween color shines.

Lawson "Premium Pumpkin & Purple Potato Roll Cake"

・ Anno potato and black sesame tart (with custard cream) (210 yen)
A cake with a crispy tart dough kneaded with black sesame and a filling that combines Anno potato paste and custard. It is topped with black sesame seeds.

Lawson "Anno potato and black sesame tart (with custard cream)"

・ Ishikawa Prefecture Ajihira pumpkin rich pudding (165 yen)
A rich-tasting pumpkin pudding made from "Ajihira pumpkin" from Ishikawa prefecture. An orange container is used for Halloween, and the top of the pudding is topped with the face of "Jack O Lantern".

Lawson "Ajihira pumpkin rich pudding from Ishikawa prefecture"

◆ FamilyMart

・ Pumpkin pudding from the kiln (170 yen)
"Pumpkin flavor" of the popular kiln-made pudding. You can enjoy the smooth taste of pudding and the rich taste of pumpkin. The whipped cream is squeezed into the accent and topped.

FamilyMart "Kiln out pumpkin pudding"
* Image source: FamilyMart official website (same below)

・ Ghost pumpkin cream puff (258 yen)
A Halloween cream puff made by squeezing pumpkin cream and drawing a face with chocolate. It is finished with plenty of cream to make it voluminous.

FamilyMart "Ghost Pumpkin Cream Puff"

・ Pumpkin pudding parfait from the kiln (298 yen)
A parfait made from Hokkaido pumpkin. A hearty dessert with a variety of flavors. Limited quantity.

FamilyMart "Kiln out pumpkin pudding parfait"

◆ Ministop

・ Surprising! Pumpkin shoe (280 yen)
A cocoa-flavored choux pastry topped with custard cream and cocoa sponge and squeezed with pumpkin cream. The eyes and mouth are topped with chocolate.

Ministop "Surprising! Pumpkin Shoe"
* Image source: Ministop official website (same below)

・ Halloween monster (260 yen)
A cup dessert with the motif of a "third" monster. Based on chocolate mousse, strawberry cheese cream and purple taro cream are squeezed, and whipped cream and chocolate are used to express the face of a monster.

Ministop "Halloween Monster"

・ Halloween roll cake chocolate (298 yen)
A cocoa dough with a fluffy texture, wrapped with Belgian chocolate whipped cream and fresh chocolate cream.

Ministop "Halloween roll cake chocolate"

・ Snow makeup pumpkin pudding (260 yen)
Pumpkin pudding with a smooth texture using "snow-covered pumpkin", which is characterized by its sweetness.

Ministop "Snow Makeup Pumpkin Pudding"

* The listed products may not be sold depending on the store / area.