Tenka Ippin "Hane-tsuki Gyoza" and "Hane-tsuki Gyoza Set Meal
Dumplings with feathers, dumplings with feathers set meal

Tenka Ippin Hane-tsuki Gyoza

and Hane-tsuki Gyoza Set Me

al Tenka Ippin's gyoza menu will be renewed with "Hane-tsuki Gyoza" and "Hane-tsuki Gyoza Set Meal", which will be available from February 1, 2023. Prices start at 370 yen (tax included, same below) for a single item and 1,200 yen for a set meal. Prices vary depending on the restaurant.

Tenka Ippin "Hane-tsuki Gyoza" and "Hane-tsuki Gyoza Set Meal

Gyoza, a standard side menu item, has been renewed

. The crispy wings around the gyoza, a Tenka Ippin standard, have been added to make it even more savory. The juicy filling is made with minced meat and back fat.

Cabbage and onions are used for the sweetness of the vegetables that can be felt between the juicy minced meat. The skin, which locks in the flavor of the ground meat and the sweetness of the vegetables, is made of thinly spread dough with crispy browned edges. The customer can enjoy the texture of the feathers as well as the ingredients, and is guided to taste them with Tenka Ippin ramen.

Tenka Ippin "Hane-tsuki Gyoza" and "Hane-tsuki Gyoza Set Meal

In principle, the product will be sold at all Tenka Ippin stores nationwide, but some stores may not carry it and the release date may differ.