8th collaboration with Lotte "Kotripu

Eighth Collaboration with Lotte's "Kotorippu"

Lotte will release "Kotorippu Tiny Choco Pie [Cafe Tanaka's Mont Blanc]" and "Kotorippu Soft Petit Cake [Kawaguchiko Cheesecake Garden's Fuji no Ripe Cheesecake]" on February 7 (Tue). This is the eighth collaboration with "Kotorippu," a popular travel guidebook series published by Shobunsha.

The theme this time is "Sweets to enjoy sightseeing spots. These sweets will make you feel as if you were on a trip even at home with Kotorippu.

Kotippu Little Choco Pie [Cafe Tanaka's Mont Blanc]

The flavor of "Mont Blanc" from Cafe Tanaka in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, is expressed. Mont Blanc cream is sandwiched between moist cake and coated with chocolate. The Mont Blanc cream contains fresh cream from Hokkaido.

Lotte "Kotrip Small Choco Pie [Cafe Tanaka's Mont Blanc]".

The product contains 8 pieces and is expected to be priced around 270 yen (tax included).

Cafe Tanaka

was established in 1963 as a coffee shop specializing in home-roasted coffee. It is a famous store in Nagoya that supports the coffee shop culture, popular for its authentic coffee aroma and modern space. The café's appearance is reminiscent of a Parisian salon.

Appearance of Cafe Tanaka

Cafe Tanaka's "Mont Blanc" faithfully expresses the original flavor of French pastries. The mouth-watering marron skin, delicately flavored meringue, and duck wreath, as well as the harmony of French marron paste and Hokkaido whipped cream, make for an irresistible dish.

Mont Blanc" at Cafe Tanaka

The cake is a soft and

fluffy petit cake

that expresses the taste of "Fuji's Ripe Cheesecake" from the Cheesecake Garden at Lake Kawaguchi. The soft cheesecake is sandwiched between chocolate and cheese cream with a hint of lemon. Cream cheese is used in both the cake batter and the cream. The cake contains 1.8% cheese (raw equivalent)/1.1% cream cheese (raw equivalent).

Lotte "Kotripu Fluffy Petit Cake [Fuji's Ripe Cheesecake from Kawaguchiko Cheesecake Garden]".

Contents: 8 pieces, estimated price around 270 yen (tax included).

Cheesecake Garden

A sweet store located on the cape of Kawaguchiko. It always has a large selection of products ranging from Western-style fresh confections to baked confectionery gift sets for take-out, making it a perfect place to look for souvenirs for sightseeing in Mt.

Cheesecake Garden

Fuji's Ripe Cheesecake is a baked type cheesecake carefully baked with plenty of high-quality cream cheese. You can enjoy the concentrated and rich cream cheese flavor.

Fuji's Ripe Cheesecake" at Cheesecake Garden