FamilyMart "Fresh French Bread (Custard & Whip)" and "Fresh French Bread (Mentaiko)

FamilyMart "Fresh French Bread (Custard & Whip)"

and "Fresh French Bread (Mentaiko)" New products from FAMIMA BAKERY, "Fresh French Bread (Custard & Whip)" and "Fresh French Bread (Mentaiko)" will be available at FamilyMart stores on September 12 (except Hokkaido and Okinawa Prefectures).

FamilyMart launched " Nama Coppepan " in February 2023 and " Nama Doughnut " in June 2023, both of which have been well received. This time, "Nama-French bread" is a new product in the "Nama" series. Generally, French bread is characterized by its hardness, but FamilyMart's "Nama-France Pan" is made with fresh cream and almost the same amount of water as wheat flour to create a new texture that is soft and moist.

Fresh French

Bread (Custard & Whipped

FamilyMart "Fresh French Bread (Custard & Whip)

Soft and moist fresh French bread dough with fresh cream is sandwiched between custard cream with fresh cream and milk-flavored whip. Priced at 158 yen (tax included).

Fresh French Bread (Mentaiko)

FamilyMart "Fresh French Bread (Mentaiko)

Moist and soft fresh French bread with fresh cream. The bread is sandwiched with a juicy mentaiko filling that soaks into the bread, and topped with a spicy mentaiko filling that you can feel the graininess of, allowing you to enjoy two different mentaiko flavors. The price is 168 yen (tax included).

The product may not be available at all FamilyMart stores.

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