Kit Kat Heartful Bear" to appear at PLAZA again this year

Kit Kat Heartful Bears now at PLAZA

Valentine promotion "BURSTING WITH FUN&YUM!" at PLAZA and MINiPLA is now being held at PLAZA and MINiPLA. As part of the product lineup, the popular "Kit Kat Heartful Bear" will be available from January 16.

Kit Kat Heartful Bears," a very popular product that was sold out in PLAZA stores within a few days of its release for last year's Valentine's Day, will appear again this year at PLAZA and MINiPLA stores.

Kit Kat Heartful


"Kit Kat Heartful Bear" is a very cute "Kit Kat" in the shape of a bear holding a heart balloon. The heart balloons are designed with three different text messages ("I (heart) U", "For U", and "Thx"), and are recommended as a casual seasonal gift.

In addition to the bag type (540 yen) containing 6 individually wrapped packages, this year's lineup includes a new "Heart Tin" (1,512 yen) containing 7 individually wrapped packages in a heart-shaped tin.

Kit Kat Heartful Bear" to appear at PLAZA again this year

No layaways, orders, or cash on delivery (COD) are accepted. Kit Kat Heartful Bear" is limited to 5 pieces per person (8 pieces for online store), and "Kit Kat Heartful Bear Heart Tin" is limited to 1 piece per person.