St. Mark's Cafe "Premium Chococlo Gold Melty Chocolat" and "Heart Topping Chocolat Smoothie".

St. Mark's Cafe Valentine's Day Menu

St. Mark's Cafe will sell "Premium Chococlo Gold Melty Chocolat," "Heart-Topped Chocolat Smoothie," and "Heart-Topped Chocolat Latte" for Valentine's Day from January 13 (Fri.) to February 14 (Tues.).

This year's Valentine's menu uses luxurious dough and toppings under the theme of "Valentine's Day for me. The gold dust and heart toppings will give you a Valentine's Day flutter from the outside, while the bitter chocolate will allow you to enjoy your Valentine's Day in a more mature way. Recommended as a reward for hard work or as a gift during the Valentine's Day season.

St. Mark's Cafe "Heart-Topped Chocolat Smoothie" and "Heart-Topped Chocolat Latte

Premium Chococlo Gold Melty Chocolat

A limited edition Valentine's Day product from the Premium Chococlo series. Cocoa is kneaded into the dough as well, in the hopes that you will taste the rich chocolate. This is the first time that something is kneaded into the dough.

St. Mark's Cafe "Premium Chococlo Gold Melty Chocolat".

This special dough has the same crispy texture of croissant dough, but with the flavor of cocoa. The inside is filled with chocolate and a slightly bitter ganache, allowing the sweet melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich cocoa flavor to be enjoyed. Gold dust sprinkled on the dough gives it a gorgeous appearance.

The package has a cute heart design. The visual design evokes a Valentine's Day crush, with the hope that people will melt their hearts by eating the rich premium chocolate cocoa.

St. Mark's Cafe "Premium Chococlo Gold Melty Chocolat".

Priced individually at 280 yen and in a box of five at 1,200 yen (tax included).

Heart-Topped Chocolat Smoothie

- An adult flavor using bitter chocolate. By mixing the whipped cream and chocolate topping, the mild sweetness and richness of milk is added to the flavor. This is a cup that allows you to enjoy the gap between the sweet and cute appearance topped with a red heart.

St. Mark's Cafe "Heart-Topped Chocolat Smoothie

S size only, priced at 590 yen (tax included).

Heart Topped Chocolat Latte

A cup of rich bitter chocolate and the richness of milk. The drink is moderately sweet, and the whipped cream topping melts to create a mellow overall taste.

St. Mark's Cafe "Heart-Topped Chocolat Latte

S size only, priced at 590 yen (tax included).

The drink may be discontinued without prior notice.
May not be available at all stores.