Pompadour November Bread Summary
(* All images are from the official Pompadour website)

November bread was announced at the bakery "Pompadour". Rose-shaped croissants such as "Croissant Rose" will appear.

November is the founding month of Pompadour. Bread for a limited time will be prepared with the theme of technical ability as a bakery. The contents and selling prices of each are as follows. All notations include tax.

The first of the highest peak fairs

Pompadour November Bread Summary
Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie Works by Haruhei Katsumi

From November 1st to 14th, four types of "decorative bread" will appear as the "highest peak fair".

This is the final selection of the international bakery competition "Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie" held in Port de Versailles, France from January 11th to 14th. , The bread developed by Mr. Katsumi is handled in a limited quantity because Mr. Haruhei Katsumi of Pompadour participated in the "decorative bread section" and left the result of the runner-up.

Scorched butter brioche

Pompadour November Bread Summary

"Brioche of charred butter" is 1,296 yen. Bread like baked goods with luxuriously burnt butter. The richness and aroma of butter spreads softly. The black spots scattered on the bread are due to the charred butter. The calorie is 1,389 kcal per bottle.

Cado ~ Apple Gift ~

Pompadour November Bread Summary

"Cado ~ Apple Gift ~" is 378 yen. The image is a "nice gift". Boiled apples in red wine and custard are hidden inside, accented with bittersweet caramel. One calorie is 332 kcal.

Croissant rosé

Pompadour November Bread Summary

"Croissant rosé" is 270 yen. A croissant in the shape of a colorful and beautiful rose flower. The sweet and sour raspberry and rose scent spreads in your mouth. One calorie is 197 kcal.

Pan o Disci

Pompadour November Bread Summary

"Pan o Disci" is 378 yen. Records are made up of brioche and coffee cookies. A dish that you can enjoy with a rich feeling as if you were enjoying music. One calorie is 409 kcal.

The second highest peak fair

Two types of bread will be available from November 12th as the second highest peak fair.

This was devised by Master Okuda and Sakiko Tanzawa, who have acquired the Becker Meister qualification, which is the education and training system of Pompadour, and both are sold in limited quantities.


Pompadour November Bread Summary

"Opera" is 270 yen. Inspired by the French confectionery "opera", mascarpone and chocolate cream are layered to create a rich dessert Danish pastry. One calorie is 274 kcal.

Premium milk bread

Pompadour November Bread Summary

"Premium milk bread" is 1,620 yen. Domestic wheat bread with luxurious milk and butter. You can enjoy the sweet scent and the soft texture to the ears. The calorie is 2,520 kcal.

Thick roasted egg sandwich

In addition to the highest peak fair, two types of "thick roasted egg sandwiches" will be handled as new bread.

Thick roasted egg sandwich (Kansai style)

Pompadour November Bread Summary

"Thick roasted egg sandwich (Kansai style)" is 378 yen. A Kansai-style egg sandwich with a modest sweetness that brings out the flavor of kelp and bonito broth. Mustard mayonnaise and ketchup accentuate the taste. One calorie is 485 kcal.

Thick roasted egg sandwich (Kanto style)

Pompadour November Bread Summary

"Thick roasted egg sandwich (Kanto style)" is also 378 yen. Kanto-style egg sandwich with moderate sweetness and bonito broth that spreads in your mouth. Mustard mayonnaise enhances the taste. One calorie is 433 kcal.

Founding festival

Pompadour November Bread Summary

A bread discount campaign will be held as a "founding festival" for three days from November 27th to 29th.

As the 51st anniversary of the opening of the first Pompadour Motomachi Main Store in Motomachi, Yokohama on November 29, 1969, the standard "Cheese Bataru" is a special price of 540 yen instead of the regular price of 626 yen. It will be handled in.