Starbucks JIMOTO made Series HIGASHIYAMA "Good Luck Charms" for the year 2023 zodiac sign items

Starbucks JIMOTO made Series HIGASHIYAMA Lucky Charms: Chinese Zodiac Items for 2023

Starbucks JIMOTO made Series HIGASHIYAMA Lucky Charms will again feature Chinese zodiac items this year. The lucky charm "Mizunoto-U Year Earthen Bell" will be available at three stores in Kyoto Prefecture from December 13, 2022 (Tuesday).

The JIMOTO made Series HIGASHIYAMA lucky charm has been sold at three stores in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto since February 2020. Five types of charms are available: "Gosho Ningyo Charm" crawling dolls (haiko), "Lucky Charms" Koma-inu earthenware bells, and beckoning cat earthenware bells Kuro, Shiro, and Mike-all of which are sold at the three stores.

JIMOTO made Series HIGASHIYAMA "Lucky Charm

Since last year, four types of lucky charms have been sold at each store, adding zodiac sign items in limited quantities and for a limited time, and now a new zodiac sign item for the year 2023 is being added.

The Chinese zodiac sign for 2023 is Mizunoto-U Year. The "Lucky Charm Mizunoto-U Year Earthen Bell" (Mizu-no-Tou-douzu earthenware bell) will be added in limited quantities and for a limited period of time.

Rabbit has been said since ancient times to be a symbol of good fortune, repelling misfortune and attracting happiness


It is a lucky charm that beckons good fortune and gathers good fortune with its large, pointed ears, and has the meanings of prosperity of offspring, peace in the home, and a good harvest and a leap forward.

JIMOTO made Series HIGASHIYAMA "Lucky Charms" with Chinese Zodiac Items for the Year 2023

The "Fukuzeki Usagi," a clay bell with a green odenchi (chanchanko) in the image of Starbucks, is used to ward off evil and pray for good luck and good fortune.

Priced at 2,530 yen (tax included), available from December 13, 2022 (Tuesday) to February 3, 2023 (Friday).
Available at: Starbucks Coffee Kyoto Gion Hotel / Keihan Gion Shijo Station Store /
Kyoto Niningsaka Yasaka Chaya Store

* Products will be discontinued as soon as they are gone.
* One lucky charm Mizunoto-U Year Earthen Bell can be purchased per person per store until sold out.