Starbucks Summer 2024 "LET'S GO GREEN" merchandise
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Starbucks Summer 2024 Merchandise "LET'

S GO GREEN" Seasonal merchandise titled "LET'S GO GREEN" has been on sale at Starbucks since June 12. Here are some of the items that caught our attention.

Collapsible Silicon Bottle

Light Green 473ml (15.99us fl oz)

This collapsible silicon bottle is easy to carry around. The siren logo is debossed on the front. The rounded shape is a cute design. The 473ml (15.99us fl oz) capacity and natural coloring that blends in with a variety of everyday situations are also attractive. The price is 2,900 yen (tax included, same as below).

Starbucks "Foldable Silicone Bottle Light Green 473ml

Carved Recycle Stainless Bottle Matte Black 355ml (12us fl oz)

This stainless steel bottle uses approximately 80% recycled stainless steel for the body. It has a simple design with a black body and lettering logo, and a molded siren logo on the top of the lid. The lid's inner lid has ventilation holes for better enjoyment of coffee aroma. The vacuum double-layer stainless steel construction provides excellent heat and cold retention. The price is 4,450 yen.

Starbucks "Carved Recycled Stainless Steel Bottle Matte Black 355ml"

Recycled Stainless Steel TOGO Logo Tumbler Matte White 473ml (15.99us fl oz)

Paper cup shaped stainless steel tumbler made of recycled stainless steel. The wide bore diameter makes it easy to pour drinks, easy to wash, and convenient for adding ice. The vacuum double-layer stainless steel construction provides excellent heat and cold retention. Priced at 4,800 yen.

Starbucks "Recycled Stainless Steel TOGO Logo Tumbler Matte White 473ml

Coffee Grounds Tumbler 355ml (12us fl oz)

Simple design with colors and materials reminiscent of coffee. Coffee grounds (coffee powder after extraction) are partially used on the outside of the body. The words "MADE WITH COFFEE GROUNDS" are printed on the side of the body. Price: ¥2,000.

Starbucks "Coffee Grounds Tumbler 355ml

Recycled Polyester One


TOGO Holder Light Green

One-mile holder for tumblers/bottles of various shapes. The mesh material allows you to enjoy the design of the bottles and other items you put inside without hiding them. The length of the bottom tape can be adjusted according to the size of the tumbler/bottle. The inside of the holder is coated with anti-slip silicone to prevent tumbler/bottle from falling. Recycled polyester is used as part of this product. Price: ¥2,050.

Starbucks "Recycled Polyester One Mile TOGO Holder Light Green".

Other products in the lineup are as follows

・ Collapsible silicone bottle taupe 473ml (15.99us fl oz) ¥2,900
・ Carved recycle stainless steel bottle matte white 355ml (12us fl oz) ¥4,450
・ Recycled stainless steel TOGO logo tumbler matte black 473ml (15.99us fl oz) ¥4,800
・ Recycled polyester one-mile TOGO holder for Long tape strap wide light green 1,050 yen

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