Black Thunder Moist and Deep Gâteau Chocolat" from Yuraku Seika

Black Thunder Premium

Series New

"Black Thunder Moist and Deep Gâteau Chocolat" from Yuraku Seika's Black Thunder Premium Series will be available at convenience stores from December 13, and at supermarkets and drugstores from January 16, 2023. It will go on sale at supermarkets, drugstores, etc. from January 16, 2023.

Black Thunder Moist and Deep Gateau


, which has been sold as a winter-only product since 2017, has been renewed and will be released again this year.

The product has a characteristic moist and rich chocolate flavor and is made with couverture chocolate made from Ecuadorian cacao beans (4.6% couverture chocolate is used in the covered chocolate; the rest is made from cacao beans made from Ecuadorian cacao beans). The addition of the cocoa beans from Ecuador (76% of the cocoa mass in the couverture chocolate) allows the chocolate to be enjoyed with even greater depth.

The secret ingredient is still "premium brandy V.S.O.P.," which has an elegant and gorgeous aroma, enhancing the premium taste.