Collaboration "Choice [Pancake Flavor]" from Morinaga Milk Industry.

Choice Hotcake Collaboration

Morinaga Seika will sell "Choice [Hotcake Flavor]", a collaboration of Morinaga's biscuit "Choice", celebrating the 85th anniversary since its launch in 1937, and "Hotcake Mix", celebrating the 65th anniversary. Limited time offer. It will go on sale on December 6, 2012, in 14-packs at an open price. The sale will end as soon as the product is gone.

Choice [Pancake


A crispy biscuit with a well-balanced flavor of maple, butter, and egg, this cookie has the taste of Morinaga pancakes.

Choice" has been a long-time favorite since its launch in 1937. The cookies are characterized by their crispy, chewy texture and fluffy, buttery flavor.

Now, in collaboration with "Pancake Mix," another long-selling product, we have recreated the taste of pancakes by mixing maple, butter, and eggs in a well-balanced way, while maintaining the texture of "Choice.

The new product is a gorgeous treat for snack time as a little reward for a hard day's work or housework.