Chocolate Peak, Mont Blanc High, Butter States by Silver Grapes

Butter States by Silver Grapes

Petit Gateau Series New

Butter States by Silver Grapes will sell Chocolate Peak and Mont Blanc High. The release date is November 1. Two new items join the popular Petit Gateau series. Each is priced at 648 yen (tax included).


Peak The "Chocolate Peak" is all about chocolate, both in appearance and content. Light chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge are layered tightly together, and then poured over with a thick layer of chocolate glaze. To finish, it is decorated with whipped chocolate and chocolate parts. The crispy chocolate inside is a delightful secret ingredient. Enjoy the rich chocolate flavor and aroma that fills your mouth.

Butter States by Silver Grapes "Chocolate Peak



High The "Mont Blanc High" is a patissier's idea infused into the classic Mont Blanc. The base is made of sweet potato dough. It is baked with sweet potato paste to make it soft and moist like a sweet potato. It is topped with whipped cream and marron cream, and the top is decorated with a single piece of astringent chestnut. You can enjoy the harmony of the sweetness of chestnuts and sweet potatoes.

Butter States by Silver Grapes "Mont Blanc High