Chateraise 2024 Tanabata Sweets
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Shateraise 2024 Tan

abata Sweets Shateraise will sell sweets for Tanabata Festival on July 7 from June 21 to July 7. The lineup includes "Tanabata Happy Animal Decoration 17cm with 2 Tastes," "Tanabata Omoiboshi," and "Tanabata Kanaeboshi.

Happy Animal Decoration


is a decorated cake with two flavors: a cake sandwiched between a sauce with strawberry pulp and whipped cream, and a cake with chocolate cream, chocolate syrup, and chocolate with cereal, and decorated with colorful fruit. Inside the bunny is a soft sponge filled with melt-in-your-mouth smooth custard cream for a gentle taste. Inside the panda is a soft, melt-in-your-mouth cocoa sponge filled with sweet raw chocolate and chocolate custard cream, with a rich fondant chocolat-like flavor. The price is 3,888 yen (tax included, same as below).

In-store sales period] June 21 - July 7
[Web reservation period] June 5 - July 1 at 9:00 p.m.
[Web reservation period] June 21 - July 7
* Reservations and cancellations for Web reservation are accepted until July 1 at 9:00 p.m.



A limited edition Tanabata cup dessert with the image of Hikoboshi dressed in a blue and purple robe. A cup dessert. Butterfly pea jelly with two different textures containing anthocyanins, the source of the bright blue-purple color of butterfly peas, is combined with refreshing sweet yogurt cream, and sweet and sour pineapple syrup and kiwi are added as flavor accents. The refreshing taste of the jelly and the freshness of the fruit make it perfect for early summer. Price: 324 yen.

Shateraise "Tanabata Omoiboshi

Butterfly peas have the characteristic of changing from blue to purple when combined with acidic substances. Some products have a mixture of blue and purple colors.



A limited-edition Tanabata cup dessert with the image of Orihime (the weaver princess) dressed in a red robe. Hibiscus jelly with two slightly sweet and sour textures is combined with softly sweet condensed milk cream, and orange, nata de coco syrup soaked in syrup, and lett currant are added to accent the color and texture. You can enjoy the richness of the condensed milk, the lightness of the jelly, and the freshness of the fruit. Price: 324 yen.

Shateraise "Tanabata Kanaeboshi

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