Freshness Burger "Craft Apple Ginger Tea".

Freshness Burger "Craft Apple Ginger Tea"

Craft Apple Ginger Tea will be available at Freshness Burger from October 26 through December 13 (except at ballpark and zoo locations).

Craft Apple Ginger Tea

Freshness Burger is focusing on variations of original drinks under the concept of "a burger café for adults. The Fresh Drink series, including lemonade and lime soda made with fresh fruit, are especially popular and represent Freshness.

Filled with apples and lemons prepared in the store

The new Apple Tea is made with fresh apples and lemons that have been soaked in honey and Japanese ginger sauce for more than 12 hours in the store. The organic tea is made from 100% organic tea leaves, which are aromatic and refreshing. The special ginger sauce with a tangy taste of Japanese ginger gives the tea an authentic flavor. This is a luxurious product that allows you to enjoy the "ingredients" and "satisfaction".

Freshness Burger "Craft Apple Ginger Tea".

Available hot and iced. Priced at 470 yen (tax included). Sold at Freshness Burger stores nationwide throughout the day.

The product may be out of stock in some areas or stores even during the sales period.
Depending on sales conditions, the end of the sales period may be extended by one week.