Kocha Kaden Krafty White Grape Fruit Tea, a black tea brand.

From the Kocha Kaden "Clafouti" series, a black tea brand, "Kocha Kaden Clafouti White Grape Fruit Tea" will be available, blending six different fruit flavors with white grapes as the main ingredient, using Nagano Prefecture-grown Shine Muscat extract. It will go on sale on October 17. Prices are 160 yen for a 440 ml bottle and 160 yen for a 410 ml bottle (both excluding tax).

Kocha Kaden Kraft Tea White Grape Fruit Tea

Kocha Kaden Clafouti White Grape Fruit Tea is a fruit tea with a refreshing sweetness and a clean aftertaste made with carefully selected ingredients and a little extra care. It is an exquisite blend of black tea made from 100% hand-picked Ceylon tea leaves and the flavors of six different fruits: peach, apple, orange, lemon, and mango (mango is flavored), with Nagano-produced Shine Muscat extract and white grapes as the main ingredients. Honey is added as a finishing touch for a refreshing sweetness. The fresh fruit juice and aromatic black tea flavor allows you to enjoy a fruit tea full of the attention that you would drink in a café.

The package design is based on a glossy, fresh green color, highlighting the freshness of white grapes and selected fruit ingredients that are unique to Kocha Kaden.