Sushiro x Lipton "Frozen Fruit in Tea

Sushiro will release its second collaboration product with tea brand Lipton, "Frozen Fruit in Tea," on July 22. The price is 308 yen (tax included).

Frozen Fruit in Tea

Lipton's popular "Fruit in Tea" drink, which has gained popularity each time it has been sold in the past, is now available in Sushiro's version. Lipton's straight tea is combined with frozen sorbet made from white peaches and mango, frozen strawberries, and fresh lemon.

Sushiro x Lipton "Frozen Fruit in Tea

At first you can enjoy the straight flavor of the tea, and as you drink it with the frozen sorbet dissolved, the fruit flavors melt into the tea, transforming it into a fruity black tea. The fresh flavor of fresh lemon can be felt. The use of frozen sorbet ensures that the tea does not dilute, and the drink remains cool and tasty until the end.

Limited to 250,000 servings.
Limited to 250,000 servings, to be sold out.
At some stores, 290 yen (319 yen including tax) and 300 yen (330 yen including tax) are available.
Not available for take-out.
Not available at Sushiro To Go stores and Kyotaru Sushiro stores (take-out specialty stores).

In order to allow more people to enjoy "Fruits in Tea" this summer, a kitchen truck will be in operation to serve Lipton's drink. During the period when the kitchen truck will be at Daikanyama T-SITE, "Frozen Fruit in Tea," a collaboration drink with Sushiro, will be available in limited quantities on July 23 and 24. The price is 300 yen (tax included). The price sold at Sushiro stores and the price at the Kitchen Truck differ.

Kitchen truck with Lipton drinks