MINISTOP "Lemon Tea with Lemon Slice 300g"

Lemon Tea with Lemon Slices 300g (10.58oz)", an original flavor of cup beverage from Ministop, will be available in limited quantities from June 21, 2012. The retail price is 235.44 yen (tax included, To go).

Lemon Tea with Lemon Slice 300g (10.58oz)

Ministop Original offers seasonal flavors in addition to the standard cup beverages such as café au lait, black coffee, NOMU SOFT CREAM series, NOMU HALOHALO, and NOMU MELAMELTAKU Pudding Parfait. The new drink is one of the new flavors, and is characterized by the refreshing acidity and clean taste of lemon, which makes it easy to enjoy while sipping.

The chilled cup beverage is designed to look cool and fun with a whole lemon slice in it to bring out the fresh lemon flavor, and combines lemon juice from Sicily, Italy, with the refreshing flavor of Dimbula black tea. The lemon flavor and black tea aroma and taste are said to be well balanced. It can also be enjoyed at the eat-in space, but at a different tax rate.