Morinaga Milk Industry Pineapple Yogurt

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orotto Pineapple Nomu Yogurt "Gorotto Pineapple Nomu Yogurt" from Morinaga Milk Industry's "Gorotto Series" will be on sale. It will go on sale on March 28. The product will be available for sale on March 28th at an estimated price of 187 yen (excluding tax).

Gorotto Pineapple


Yogurt "Gorotto Pineapple Nomu Yogurt" is a fat-free yogurt drink with the texture of pineapple, which is very satisfying to drink and eat. The yogurt is made from pineapples with a firm texture, and the pulp is just large enough to be consumed through a thick straw, allowing the user to fully enjoy the texture and refreshing taste of the pineapple. You can enjoy the size and texture of the pineapple pulp anytime, anywhere, without the need for a spoon.

Gorotto Pineapple Nomi Yogurt is a good snack or a good breakfast substitute on busy days. Swimming yogurt lovers and pineapple flavor lovers should check it out!