"Warm toupha [brown sugar kinako flavor]" FamilyMart precedent

Marumiya Foods Co., Ltd. will release a cup of hot sweets "Toupha [brown sugar kinako flavor]" using soy milk at FamilyMart on February 2nd. It will be released by other companies from February 15th. The price is 220 yen (excluding tax).

Cupped soup "Toupha [brown sugar kinako flavor]" that you can easily enjoy the popular Taiwanese sweet "Douhua". You can easily enjoy warm soybean flowers just by putting "soymilk ingredients" with a smooth texture and "soup with ingredients" in a cup and pouring hot water.

Azuki beans are added as an accent to the fragrant flavor of kinako and the gentle taste with a slight scent of brown sugar. It's a dessert made from soy milk, so it's voluminous yet healthy, and has a calorie of 152 kcal.

A new product "Toupha [brown sugar kinako flavor]" that is perfect for snacks on cold days. It's a nice point to be able to easily eat traditional Taiwanese healthy sweets. Why don't you pick it up when you see it?