Bubble wrap texture "soy milk oat risotto tomato" & "soy milk oat risotto cheese"

Marusanai will release freeze-dried "Soymilk Oat Risotto Tomato" and "Soymilk Oat Risotto Cheese" on March 1st. The price is open.

"Soy milk oats risotto tomato" and "soy milk oats risotto cheese" use "soy milk" with a strong image of health, and add "oats wheat", which is gaining attention as a healthy food containing dietary fiber, to domestic rice. Freeze dry type risotto. You can enjoy the bubble wrap texture of oats with a full-fledged and rich taste like eating at a restaurant.

・ Soy milk oat risotto tomato
A bouillabaisse-style risotto containing dice tomato and beech mushroom. Sakura shrimp was added as an accent to the texture and to make the flavor of seafood even more noticeable. For cheese, we used Camembert and Parmesan, which match the acidity of tomatoes.

・ Soy milk oat risotto cheese
A white sauce-based cream risotto with spinach and mushrooms. Camembert and Gouda are used for the cheese to bring out the richness of soy milk, and it is finished in a rich and mellow taste.