Kanro "Almond Sweet Crunch Candy

Kanro will sell Almond Sweet Crunch Candy, a crunch candy with roasted almonds, made with mellow butter. The product will go on sale on September 6. The price is 227 yen (tax included). Contents: 60g (2.12oz).

Almond Sweet Crunch Candy

Almond Sweet Crunch Candy" was developed by Kanro as a crunch candy that goes well with coffee. It is a premium gourmet candy that can be enjoyed with coffee during snack time. It is made with roasted aromatic almonds and mellow butter to create a luxurious and deep flavor.

By kneading in plenty of ingredients, the rich aroma and crunchy texture of almonds and their addictive sweetness can be fully appreciated and enjoyed in a luxurious moment.

The packaging is designed to resemble the "photo panels of sweets" displayed in confectionery stores, giving the product an authentic feel. It is recommended for coffee time at home, when you want to feel happy with sweet sweets, or when you want to refresh yourself between work or housework.