KALDI "Moheji purse cat pattern"
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Check out all 6 "Showa Retro" designed sweets and miscellaneous goods sold by KALDI Coffee Farm! "Moheji purse cat pattern" and "edible art".

・ Moheji Drawstring Cat Pattern
In a Japanese-style drawstring bag with an illustration of a nostalgic cat, there are three types: "Brown sugar kinako twist 70g (2.47oz)", "Swirl Karinto 50g (1.76oz)", and "Nostalgic fruit drop 50g (1.76oz)". "Moheji Drawstring Cat Pattern (Showa Retro)" with sweets. The price is 748 yen (tax included).

KALDI "Moheji purse cat pattern"

・ KALDI Original Mini Drawstring Purse
"KALDI Original Mini Drawstring Purse" is a small drawstring bag with a nostalgic touch of fawns and small birds filled with milk chocolate crunch filled with nuts. The price is 698 yen.

KALDI "KALDI Original Mini Drawstring Purse"

・ Mini- jubako
A small two-tiered jubako with an illustration of a fawn with a nostalgic touch. It contains lemon-flavored and strawberry-flavored candy. The price is 764 yen.

KALDI "Mini Oju"

・ Pochi bag
A set of a pochi bag and a message card with an illustration of a fawn and a small bird with a nostalgic touch. There is also a sticker that can be sealed. The price is 126 yen.

KALDI "Pochi bag"

・ Eatable art
A sheet-shaped film designed with retro-style illustrations of the Showa era such as pandas and rabbits. You can easily decorate your lunch or cooking just by cutting and pasting. The price is 347 yen.

KALDI "Eatable Art"

・ Moheji candy can cat
A mini can with a humorous expression of a cat filled with candy. The price is 321 yen.

KALDI "Moheji Candy Can Cat"