Hattendo "Creamy Bun Marron

Hattendo will sell the autumn seasonal product "Creamy Pan Marron". Creamy bread with creamy and rich marron cream accented with the crunchy texture of marron dice.

Creamy Pan Marron

Creamy Pan Marron is a popular seasonal autumn flavor. Creamy bread with creamy and rich marron cream, accented with crunchy marron dice. It goes well with tea or coffee, and is perfect for tea time to enjoy the arrival of autumn.

This year, it comes in a cute new package with a dusty chestnut illustration. It is conceived with the image of autumn souvenirs and gift-giving scenes in mind.

Hattendo "Creamy Bun Marron

Sales will begin on September 1 at Hattendo's permanent stores (in Japan) and Hattendo's online store. The price is 320 yen per piece (tax included). The Hattendo online store will sell an assortment of three for 1,037 yen (tax included, shipping not included), which will be available until the end of November (until they are gone).

Online sales are frozen products (to be eaten after thawing).
The package design of the products sold online will differ.