Kentucky "Half off 3 pieces of Kernel Crispy".

Kentucky Fried Chicken will offer three pieces of "Kernel Crispy" at half price during the "Kernel Crispy 3 Piece Half Price" campaign. During the campaign, the price will be 360 yen less than the regular price.

Half off 3 pieces of Kernel Crispy

The "Half-Price 3-Piece Kernel Crispy" campaign, which was popular in May, will be held again. This time, it will be offered for a limited period of 14 days from August 3 to August 16. During this period, 3 pieces of "Kernel Crispy" will be sold at 360 yen, a discount of 360 yen from the regular stacking price of 720 yen (price includes tax).

The "Half-Price 3-Piece Kernel Crispy" campaign will be offered at all KFC stores nationwide, but some stores may not offer this campaign. Delivery service is not available.

Kernel Crispy

Kernel Crispy, with its addictive crunchy batter and garlic soy sauce flavor, is made from domestic chicken meat. Each one is carefully prepared by hand in our stores, which is why they are so delicious.