FLO "Pastry Set for the Future"
(All images source: FLO PRESTIGE PARIS official website)

FLO PRESTIGE PARIS has announced on its official website that a "Mirai no Patissier Set" will be available. It comes with a kit for making fruit tarts as well as an original paper apron and other costumes. The limited-edition set is available for pre-order only and can be applied for from August 1, and will be received in two to three days depending on the store. The selling price is 1,620 yen per set (tax included, same below), with additional costumes and other items costing 330 yen per set.

FLO Mirai no Patissier Set

FLO "Patissier Set for the Future"

Almond cream is baked on a tart base, and strawberry, kiwi, blueberry, orange, and pear compote are arranged on a tart base, ready to be finished with a glossy napage.

It comes with an originally designed paper apron as well as a cook's hat, name plate, and Mirai's pastry chef passport. An "additional 3-piece costume set + Mirai no patissier passport" can be added for an additional charge. The three-piece costume set is not sold separately.

It will be available at sweets stores nationwide. It will not be sold on the day of the event. You cannot pick them up at delicatessen stores.