Tsukiji Gindako "Gindako Day".

On August 8, Tsukiji Gindako will hold its annual "Gindako Day" event. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Tsukiji Gindako, in addition to the triple stamp campaign, the first 88 customers at each store will receive a "Zettetsu Utsumai! Takoyaki (8 pieces with sauce) will be offered to the first 88 customers at each store for 88 yen per boat (tax included).

Gindako Day

A special event held in 2018 and 2019 is back for the first time in three years to celebrate Tsukiji Gindako's 25th anniversary. The first 88 customers at each store will receive a "Zettente Umai! Takoyaki (8 pieces with sauce)" will be offered for 88 yen per boat (tax included). The offer is available to elementary school students and older. Only one boat (8 pieces) per person (regular price from the second boat).

Tsukiji Gindako "Gindako Day".

The annual "Gindako Stamp Card," in which customers receive takoyaki when they accumulate stamps, is also applicable to takoyaki purchased for 88 yen. The 3x stamp is applied to purchases of 1 takoyaki boat (6 pieces or more) (also applies to purchases of 1 plate of sauce yakisoba, 1 plate of okonomiyaki, and 3 taiyakis). The event will be held all day long after the first 88 people 88 yen event ends.

Only the first 88 customers in line at the store on the day of the 88 yen event will be eligible. No substitute purchases are allowed.
Only elementary school students and older are eligible to purchase 88-yen items.
Interrupting the line is not allowed. Once you leave the line, you will have to rejoin the line.
The 88 yen price is valid for the following products: "Zettai Umaizumi! Takoyaki (8 pieces with sauce)" only.
88 yen products cannot be used in combination with other discount services.
Items eligible for 88 yen cannot be changed to other items or topped with additional toppings.
Triple stamps will be applied to 88 yen items as well.
When purchasing 88-yen items, you may purchase as many boats as you like at the same time, but the price will be the regular price from the second boat.
Reservations and lay-backs are not accepted by phone or in-store.
Number slips will be distributed to the first 88 people who arrive on the day of the event. The number slips are not numbered tickets, so you must hold the slips and wait in line. Details of the sales method, including how and where the numbered tickets will be distributed, may vary from store to store.