Tsukiji Gindako "Torotama Mentaiko

Tsukiji Gindako will sell a new autumn product, Torotama Mentaiko. The release date is September 8. Limited time offer. The price is 700 yen (tax included) for 8 pieces per boat.

Torotama Mentaiko

Torotama Mentaiko, a new autumn product that was popular last year, is based on a special Japanese soy sauce sauce, topped with shaved bonito flakes, Japanese yam yam, and crunchy Kujo leeks, and topped with an egg salad made in the store every day, which is characterized by its chunky texture. Finally, the dish is topped with a generous dollop of "special mentaiko sauce" made with mentaiko (spicy cod roe) from Hakata, Japan, and chopped nori (seaweed).

Tsukiji Gindako's "Torotama Mentaiko" is perfect for the fall season. Enjoy the luxurious taste of this seasonal delicacy with the arrival of autumn.