Ken's Cafe Tokyo "Graduates Gâteau Chocolat

Ken's Cafe Tokyo will offer a limited quantity of "Graduates Gateau Chocolat". The Graduates Gateau Chocolat has a refreshing taste that is perfect for summer. The price is 3,300 yen (tax included). The release date is July 15.

Lemon Lemon Gateau Chocolat

Lemon Lemon Gateau Chocolat" is a gateau chocolat blended with Domorie's original chocolate "KEN'S BLEND CRIOLLO" and two kinds of French high quality chocolates, and combined with French lemons. Moistly baked and light enough to disappear easily in the mouth, the flavor of the chocolate with its rich aroma of cacao and the refreshing acidity of the lemon combine to create a refreshingly delicious gateau chocolat.

The chocolate used in the specially selected gateau chocolat is "KEN'S BLEND CRIOLLO," the ultimate chocolate blended by Domori founder Gianluca Frazoni himself for Ken's Cafe Tokyo. This chocolate is a high cocoa couverture with a cocoa content of 72%. It has a strong cacao taste, with little acidity and a rich flavor.

Stores selling the product are as follows

Tohoku area: Sendai store
Kanto area: Jiyugaoka store/ Kiyosumi-Shirakawa store/ Aoyama store/ Asakusa store/ Nasu Shiobara store
Kansai area: Ikoma store/Shijo Kawaramachi store/Umeda store
Chubu area: Marut Toyama store
Kyushu area: Nagasaki store/Okinawa store