Cafe de Clie hot chocolate

At each Cafe de Clie store, a drink menu such as "Hot Chocolate-Dark-", a dessert menu such as "Rich Gateau Chocolat", and a food menu will be released on January 20th.

The lineup includes the drink menu "Hot Chocolate-Dark-" and "White Chocolate-Sweet-", the dessert menu "Rich Gateau Chocolat" and "Strawberry Zuccotto", and the food menu "Two Sands Miyazaki Nichinan Dori Herb Chicken and Ham Cheese".

● Drink menu
Cafe de Clie hot chocolate

"Hot Chocolate-Dark-" is a hot drink made by dissolving bitter-flavored dark chocolate and chocolate powder in milk and topped with whipped cream. You can simply enjoy the scent of cacao. By melting the attached dark chocolate, it has a richer and deeper taste. The price is 420 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

On the other hand, "White Chocolate-Sweet-" is a hot drink with a gentle milky taste, which is made by dissolving sweet sweet white chocolate in milk. If you melt the dark chocolate that comes with it, you can enjoy the change from white chocolate to milk chocolate with a cacao feel. The price is 420 yen.

● Dessert menu
Cafe de Clie Rich Gateau Chocolate

"Rich gateau chocolate" is a moist and rich gateau chocolate that contains twice as much chocolate as the standard "Belgian chocolate cake". The whipped cream fluffy on the glossy glasage is a mature cake. The price is 400 yen.

"Strawberry Zuccotto" is a gorgeous cake made by wrapping sweet and sour strawberry mousse in a soft sponge dough and topped with whipped cream and strawberry dice. The price is 400 yen.

● Food menu
Cafe de Clie "Two Sandwiches Miyazaki Nichinan Herb Chicken and Ham Cheese"

"Two Sandwiches Miyazaki Nichinan Herb Chicken and Ham Cheese" is Nichinan Dori seasoned with 5 kinds of herbs and lemon, onion mayo with a pleasant crunchy texture, the upper row with spinach, and salty loin ham. A sandwich with tomatoes, tomatoes, and a mellow cheese sauce in the lower row, where you can enjoy two flavors with one. The price is 440 yen.