Kobe Fugetsudo "Valentine 2021"
(* The source of the image is the official website of Kobe Fugetsudo)

Kobe Fugetsudo's Valentine's Day sweets have been announced on the official website. It will be available at each store sequentially from mid-January. It will be on sale from January 11th at the official online shop.

As "Senteur de Fleur", the gorgeousness with a core and the natural gorgeousness are set out. Chocolat (chocolate), which is the image of traditional French sweets, is prepared, and the contents and price are as follows. All notations include tax.

Gofuru chocolate

"Gofuru Chocolat" is a cocoa dough with an impressive fragrant and moderate bitterness, and cream with the image of the flavor of traditional French confectionery, which is still popular today.

Two types are available, "Gofuru Chocolat White 4SH" with hazelnut cream and "Gofuru Chocolat Pink 4SH" with berry berry cream, and 2 bags of 3 each are contained in a can. The selling price is 453 yen for both.

Koube Pier

"Koube Pier" is a dish of finely crushed gofuru thinly baked dough that is hardened with chocolate. You can enjoy a crispy and light texture.

There are various flavors, and "Koube Pier 11B" is prepared as an assortment. It contains one each of "rum raisins," "pistachio cake," "lemon tart," "tart berries," "royal milk tea," "milk," "coffee marble," and "gateau chocolate." The selling price is 1,188 yen. Gofuru dough is not used in coffee marble.

Chocolat de Bonheur

"Chocolat de Bonheur" is a chocolate with the theme of traditional French sweets. There are multiple flavors. First, "Berry Cake" is white chocolate kneaded with sweet and sour raspberries, and dried raspberries are decorated.

"Canele" has the image of canelé with rum, and pumpkin seeds are displayed on the cream. "Rosé champagne" is an image of gorgeous rose champagne.

"Pain d'épices" is an image of the traditional confectionery Pain d'épices with cinnamon and nutmeg spices. "Apple pie" is a flavor with an image of apple pie with an apple and crispy texture.

"Sweet" is sweet chocolate with a rich cacao flavor. "Marble" is a mixture of sweet chocolate and white chocolate. "Milk" is a mellow milk chocolate that melts in your mouth.

An assortment of these flavors and Koubepia is available as follows:

"Chocolate Bonnur 6B" contains 1 bottle each of milk, rosé champagne and sweet, as well as 1 bottle of Koubepia lemon tart and 1 bottle of milk in a paper box. The selling price is 648 yen.

"Chocolate Bonnur 13BH" contains 1 each of rosé champagne, milk, sweet, marble, berry cake, pandevis, apple pie and canelé, as well as 1 each of Koubepia's milk, lemon tart and pistachio cake in a paper box. .. The selling price is 1,458 yen.

"Chocolate Bonnur 8BH" contains 1 each of berry cake, canelé, rosé champagne, pandebis, apple pie, sweet and milk in a paper box. The selling price is 918 yen.

Chocolate crunch

"Chocolate Crunch" is made by crushing a lightly baked gofuru dough and mixing it with chocolate to create a unique flavor. Two flavors, "milk" and "berry sparkling," are available and are packed with Koubepia.

"Chocolate Crunch 5B" is a boxed set of 3 milk and 2 berry sparkling. The selling price is 540 yen.

"Koube Pier & Chocolat Ranch 16B" has 3 milk, 2 berry sparkling, 1 Koube Pier's Gateau Chocolat, Coffee Marble, Milk, Royal Milk Tea, Tart Berry, Lemon Tart, Pistachio Cake, Lamb Raisin in a box It is included. The selling price is 1,728 yen.

Assorted box

The assorted box is an assortment of chocolates including gofuru chocolate. It is suitable for home parties and girls-only gatherings.

It is prepared under the name "Assort Box 20B" and the selling price is 2,160 yen. The contents are chocolate canelé, pandebis, rose champagne, milk 1 each, Koubepia coffee marble, royal milk tea, pistachio cake, milk 1 each, goful chocolate hazelnut cream, berry berry cream 3 each, chocolate raccoon lunch 2 each of milk and berry sparkling.

In addition, each comes with an original bag. In addition, the gofuru chocolate bag is specially designed.