nana's green tea "honey lemon tea glass" and "honey lemon tea float

nana's green tea will start selling summer-only sweets and drinks "Hachimitsu Lemon Tea Glass" and "Hachimitsu Lemon Tea Float" and seasonal rice bowls "Kimchi Natto Domburi with Natural Tuna" and "Chicken Soboro Kimchi Domburi" on July 1.

Honey Lemon Tea Float

The refreshing sourness of lemon and the aroma of black tea make this glass dessert a delight for hot summer days. It consists of three layers of black tea jelly made with Japanese organic black tea, Hokkaido honey cream, and fromage cream, topped with lemon sherbet and honey-soaked lemon. Priced at 980 yen (tax included, same as below).

nana's green tea "honey lemon tea glass

Honey Lemon Tea Float

Lemon tea based on slow brewed organic Japanese black tea. Hiroshima lemon juice and Hokkaido honey are added to this soft-tasting black tea to create a drink with a soft sour taste. The lemon sherbet floating on top of the lemon tea gives the drink a cool impression. Priced M 700 yen, L 790 yen.

nana's green tea "honey lemon tea float

To go available. Some stores may not be able to provide this service, so please inquire at each store for details.
Tax included prices are the same for both To go and in-store.
Some stores may not sell this item.

Kimchi natto bowl of natural tuna with kimchi

A bowl of natural tuna marinated in our original marinade, served with kimchi and natto. The combination of the sticky ingredients and the tuna is a perfect match, and the slight sesame oil flavor makes the dish even more appetizing. The richly flavored natural tuna has a rich mouthfeel. You can also mix the whole dish together for a delicious taste. The price is 1,150 yen.

nana's green tea "Kimchi natto donburi with natural tuna

Chicken Soboro-Kimchi Donburi

This spicy bowl of rice topped with sweet and spicy simmered minced chicken and kimchi is perfect for summer. The spiciness of the kimchi is mellowed by cracking the egg yolk and mixing the ingredients, and the rice and minced chicken are well blended. Price: 1,000 yen.

nana's green tea "Chicken Soboro-Kimchi Donburi

This item is available as part of the drink set and lunch set.
Small size is not available.
Products offered at nana's green tea vary by store.
To go is not available.
Not available at some stores.